Light is the oldest element of architecture and, as such, should be used with cognizance and studied carefully. Designers and architects are always on the lookout for new materials and technologies for their light-related experiments. SAATI’s lightweight fabrics for the architecture sector serve as light filters that have the appearance - but not the weight - of popular metal meshes.

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Fabrics for
Interior Design.

SAATIstyle Product Line

SAATIstyle fabrics for interior design and architectural applications are lightweight, transparent and metallic reflective materials that, incorporated in glass, act as a light filter, giving depth and consistency to a stylized transparency. Their different levels of transparency are determined by their percentage of free surface, that varies from 29 to 55%, and by their metallic coating in aluminum. The result is a beautiful glass panel which plays with reflections and transparencies and that can be implemented in wall partitions, doors, sliding doors, furniture components and façades.

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Our Complete Product Line

SAATIstyle 002AL Intense Copper
SAATIstyle 002AL Bronze
SAATIstyle 002AL Crown Gold

SAATIstyle 002AL

SAATIstyle 003AL Mineral Spring
SAATIstyle 003AL Crown Gold
SAATIstyle 003AL Intense Copper
SAATIstyle 003AL Sparkling Champagne

SAATIstyle 003AL

SAATIstyle 007AL Crown Gold
SAATIstyle 007AL Intense Copper
SAATIstyle 007AL Emerald Green

SAATIstyle 007AL

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