Ares is a line of acoustical modeling, measurement, and design tools.

It’s a stand-alone Windows PC program organized into a series of modules, with each module representing a unique tool for either modelling or measuring the behavior of an acoustical device. These modules work together to provide a complementary set of design tools for devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, speaker enclosures, and wireless headphones/headsets.

The acoustic module models acoustic systems using lumped parameter elements for speakers, volumes, ports, membranes, resistive cloths, radiating ports, artificial ears, etc.  This drastically helps to reduce your design time, by predicting behavior of our system and limiting actual lab test time needed. The “iterate” feature you to perform parameter sensitivity studies in seconds, with the click of a single button. You are also able to perform linear frequency domain modeling of linear electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, op amps, etc, as well as mechanical components such as masses, springs, dampers, etc.

Ares is not just a design tool, but also the fastest way to predict the behavior of your design without guessing.

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