Saati Filtration DivisionFiltration

Saati Filtration Division is focused in the production of precision woven fabrics and components in polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene, for filters of every type and use. SAATI products are used in many highly technological industrial sectors, including medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostics, automotive, household appliances, and acoustics. In the filtration market, SAATI is recognized as a premium partner for the supply of specialty filters for acoustic and micro-acoustic applications.

Saati has perfected the technology of manufacturing fabrics to a high degree of precision. Every phase of the production process is carefully monitored, employing frequent in-house testing and rigorous inspection to ensure consistent quality. We have Class 10,000 Clean Rooms in accordance with UNI ISO 9001 regulations and certified to USP Class VI. Saati Filtration is committed to creating innovative, customized solutions. Our engineers can modify fabric surfaces to enhance performance, dye to virtually any color, and create quality custom fabricated parts, in order to provide solutions to the most demanding applications.

    SAATI offers a wide range of solutions for the following Industries:



    Graphics - Electronics - Apparel - Glass - Ceramic - CD



    Screen printing emulsions - Screen prep & reclaim chemicals



    Automotive - Healthcare - Water - Appliance - Acoustics - Food - Process



    Aramid fabrics - Glass fabrics - Ballistic panels