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High-quality, cost-effective custom fabrication.

SaatiCare fabrics can be provided in a wide variety of finished or partly finished products. Specially designed processing equipment can create quality custom-fabricated parts in the most cost-effective way. SaatiCare fabrics can be cut into ribbons, pleated, or formed into tubes, or made into any required shape. Critical fabricated parts are processed in Class 10,000 clean rooms.

When Saati engineers design a part for custom fabrication, their primary consideration is to produce a high-quality precision product that will remain consistent from order to order, year after year.

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    SAATI offers a wide range of solutions for the following Industries:



    Graphics - Electronics - Apparel - Glass - Ceramic - CD



    Screen printing emulsions - Screen prep & reclaim chemicals



    Automotive - Healthcare - Water - Appliance - Acoustics - Food - Process



    Aramid fabrics - Glass fabrics - Ballistic panels