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Saatiprint direct/indirect  stencil films, Inkjet, positive transparent film.


Saati Premium Red represents the result of years of work to create the finest stencil available. This product accommodates all the needs of advancing technology. Coated on a 2-mil polyester base, the film has the sharpest edge definition. It also provides better adhesion to polyester mesh without the use of unfriendly chemicals. In addition, it has a wide exposure latitude and can be developed with Saati 1 & 2 Developer or hydrogen peroxide.




Custom sheet sizes are available


Saati EG1000 is a presensitized stencil film specifically designed for the highresolution requirements of the electronics industry. The blue emulsion is coated on a 2-mil polyester support. EG1000 has a surface coating that prevents sticking in conditions of high humidity.


Custom sheet sizes are available


Saati SM1000 is a dark red presensitized stencil film coated on a 0.002-inch thick polyester support. Although used originally as a solder mask film, its appeal has become universal. Typical uses are printed circuit boards, nameplates and fine decals. SM1000 holds extremely fine detail on polyester and stainless steel mesh. It is ideal for use when you must hold image growth to an absolute minimum. SM1000 is able to hold its resolution due to the special gelatin which enables maximum adhesion without squashing detail. Can be developed with Saati 1 & 2 Developer or hydrogen peroxide.


Custom sheet sizes are available




20 volume/6%, recommended as developer for presensitized photostencil films, such as EG1000, Five Star, Premium Red and SM1000.

Available by the gallon.


Saati Powdered Developer insures the proper strength and pH of gelatin film hardening. It is used where the maximum is demanded from the film. 24 pre-measured containers of parts 1 & 2. Each container makes one gallon of developer.


Available in six different micron thicknesses. All films are coated on .003-inch temporary polyester support. We offer the highest quality stencils at market competitive prices. They have proven to be the most durable and offer the sharpest printing in their product class. Our two standard widths are 26- and 48-inches.

SaatiPrint will provide a 26” x 100” sample roll upon request. Custom sheet sizes available upon request.


- Easy to apply

- Fast-exposing

- Easy-processing

- High-resolution

- Excellent print definition

- Very durable with conventional, UV-curable and water-based UV inks

- Very low stencil profile, as low as 2 microns

- Very good exposure latitude


DCF-15 is a 15-micron, green capillary photo stencil film specifically formulated for ultra fine halftone and line printing. DCF-15 will give a controlled stencil profile over a wide mesh range from 305 and finer. The low stencil profile and optimized Rz of this film gives superb dot reproduction and minimizes skipping effects often seen when printing fine halftones with UV ink. DCF-15 can be used with conventional UV and solvent based inks. Easily reclaimable with SaatiChem Remove products. The ideal choice for CD and DVD printing.

A variety of lengths are available. Sample sizes are available in 20” x 100” rolls and 7” x 8” or 12” x 15” sheets.


An 20-micron emulsion recommended for use on mesh counts of 305 tpi and over. DCF-20 has improved print quality and exposure speed. The new formulation is a slightly darker color for easier spotting out, and has excellent exposure latitude. DCF-20 can be used with solvent-based, UV-curable and other non-water containing inks. Reclaimable with SaatiChem Remove products.


The 25-micron emulsion can be used on mesh counts ranging from 255-355 tpi. DCF-25 has a wide range of applications including electronics printing, nameplates, pressure sensitive decals, graphics and display printing, ad specialties, vinyl binders, signage and containers. DCF-25 is recommended for use with solvent based and any other non-water containing inks. It offers excellent resolution and printed edge definition and reclaims very easily with SaatiChem Remove products.


DCF-30 is a new formulation featuring very fast exposure, a wide exposure latitude, very good print definition, high durability and easy reclaiming. This new red film provides improved contrast and visual appearance and is recommended for use on mesh counts ranging from 230-355 tpi. Also recommended for use with solvent-based and other non-water containing inks, DCF-30 provides humidity resistance in the harshest of climates. DCF-30 can be easily reclaimed with SaatiChem Remove products.


DCF-35 provides slightly thicker stencils for tasks such as solder masks or opaque overlays that require a thicker but controlled ink deposit. It is also commonly used in textile and garment printings. DCF-35 is designed for use with solventbased and non-water containing ink systems and produces excellent printed edge definition on mesh counts ranging from 200-280 tpi. It reclaims very easily with SaatiChem Remove products.


On mesh counts between 110 and 230 tpi, this 50-micron film provides excellent mesh bridging and superb print definition. The improved formulation aids in humidity resistance, making the film more resistant to solvent-based and non-water containing ink systems. Applications include very demanding textile and garment printing, solder mask, gaskets and jobs requiring heavier ink deposit. DCF-50 can be reclaimed easily with SaatiChem Remove products.


Thik Film is a presensitized high-density capillary film now offered by Saatichem, the leader in emulsion technology. Thik film features a specially formulated red photopolymer emulsion that ensures a faster exposure, consistent stencil thickness, and excellent printing results every time. Thik Film is durable and a great time saver, enabling the production of thick stencils in one process.


Thik backing emulsion improves Thik Film exposure latitude and adhesion during developing as well as increasing durability on press. After film is applied and dried, put two or three coats of emulsion on squeegee side of screen. It is particularly recommended for use with Thik 300 and above.


- Easy to handle

- High resolution

- Minimal exposure time

- Ideal for ceramics, electronics and textile applications

- Excellent durability

- Time saver in screen preparation

- Extended shelf life

- Great print quality

- Perfect for high-density printing

Thik Film is available in thickness es of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 700 microns.

All thickness es are available in sheets of 8.5in x 14in (22cm x 36cm) and 14in x 17in (36cm x 43cm)

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