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Market segments: Personal protection – Vehicle mobility and modification – Vehicle armouring
Products: aramid fabrics – prepreg aramid fabrics – epoxy, phenolic resin formulation


The Protection Division of Saati operates as a global manufacturer of some of the most advanced fabrics available in the ballistics/protection market today.  Our product line offers a range of materials covering civil and military applications for human protection. Saati’s interactive leadership has evolved over decades of research, bridging the technology of raw material suppliers with that of para-aramid and specialty fibers, together with the critical demands of ballistic protection.

Coated Fabrics

The Protection Division of Saati manufactures pre-pregs with traditional and multiaxial fabrics, using phenolic, epoxy and thermoplastic resin systems which are formulated internally with our proprietary systems. The properties of the resins, combined with the properties of the fibers meet the most demanding requirements in the sector of ballistic protection (helmets and armoring).

Multi-threat protection (MTP) systems

The Protection Division of Saati is specializes in manufacturing MTP systems. These products are designed to protect from threats of different origin: firearms, knives, and puncture-producing weapons. The precision weaving of a specially engineered aramid fiber, together with proprietary surface treatments and coatings provides a product which combines the protection from multiple threats with flexibility and comfort. The main application for these materials is body armor.

Backing and Spall Liner

The Protection Division of Saati completes its range of products for protection with the engineering and manufacturing of backings and spall liners for military vehicles. These materials are particularly innovative due to the decades of expertise acquired in the field of composite materials. The product range includes special laminates and panels which are developed according to the latest requirements of the protection sector’s regulatory framework.

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